Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My baby brother is having a heart cath on the 13th of May, I'm already scared for him.
 I think it's weird how when I talk about Cameron and his special heart that all my friends look at me like i'm nuts.. they shake their heads and say aww a lot, ONLY because they have NO idea what I'm talking about.
 They don't understand how scary of a time it is for Cameron and for my parents..and even for me & my sister.
I TRYto explain to the best I can what his Doctor will be doing & what a heart cath is and why Cameron needs to have something in his opened up.  All my friends cock their heads to the side like "what is she talking about?" 
Somedays when they look at me like that I want to scream or cry, nobody gets it!
 Out of the whole Le Sueur Henderson school Me & My sister and one other family (who home school)  are the only ones who have a sibling like this, with a special heart.
I guess that makes my lil' monkey even more special!
Maybe someday I will be able to talk to my class about what it is like to have a brother who was born with a special heart! It would be nice to teach them about Cameron and his heart, then on the days that Cameron is in the hospital and I find myself hiding at school and crying they won't laugh at me or call me cry-baby Rannow. Maybe then they will give me a hug instead!

Soplease Keep my little brother in your prayers..next friday he will spend the whole day in the hospital, hopefully he will be home by Saturday night!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So this is a picture of the blankets I have so far, approx 24 blankets.
Still needing more, as there are LOTS of CHD kiddos that need/deserve a warm blanket to snuggle with.!
Thank you in advance!

If interested please contact me at
send to:
Snuggles 4 the heart
PO Box 352 Henderson, MN 56044

Cameron Inspires Me!

The above picture is of my baby brother Cameron Chase.
"Snuggles 4 the Heart" was created because of him & his special heart!
Cameron has inspired me so much, I might only be 12 years old, but when it comes helping spread awareness on a topic that hasn't only affected him but has also affected me as his older sister, I feel the need to help spread awareness on a topic that doesn't get nearly enough attention!

Cameron Chase was born with half a heart, but he doesn't live like that!
He insires me, and I hope he inspires you also!

Welcome to Snuggles 4 The Heart

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog site, Snuggles 4 the Heart. I will just brief you on why I started this blog.
My name is Desiree Mackenzie I'm a big sister to Meggie and Cameron. 
Cameron was born with a very special but fragile heart. October 7th 2009 he was born with a congenital heart defect called HYPOPLASTIC LEFT HEART SYNDROME, which in easy terms means he was born with half a heart.

I have seen in him lay in a hospital bed many times, he spent the first 5 weeks of his life living in the University of Minnesota Amplatz. The reason he lived there for 5 weeks is because he under went his first of three open heart surgeries.
  The first OHS is called the Hybrid. His little heart was able to continue beating during that surgery. The pediatric surgeon placed a pulmonary band on each artery and that would control the blood flow to portions of his body, and a stent was also placed.
 My baby brother did awesome with his first ohs, but the feeding took a lot longer.
   Cameron had his 2nd surgery at six months old, he flew thru this one with flying colors, well he oded once but thankfully he made it thru it. He spent 8 days in the hospital.

Cameron has had lots of heart catherizatons also. He is the strongest lil man I know and I am proud of him!

We have met lots of heart families along the way, we have befriended a cpl and stay in close contact with them.

So onto what Snuggles 4 Heart is all about and what I do.

Snuggles for heart was founded Febuaury 2011, I had a class called Service Learning, So I came up with a project that I would get a grade on and then after that class was over I continued my project.
Snuggles 4 The Heart is my dream, I want to continue this for as long as possible in honor of my baby brother who has a serious heart defect (HLHS) .
I know that he cannot be in the hospital for any length of time without his favorite soft blanket. So I'm sure that there are other kids who are the same.
I make fleece tie knot blankies of all sizes...

♥ XSmall blankkies for babies
♥ small blankets for toddlers
♥ medium blankkets for older kids
♥ Large blankets for  evn older kids.

I try to get all different themes for the blankets, so there is something for everyone who needs a warm soft blankie.

I'm gonna TRY to keep everyone updated on blankets, with pictures and for the pople who want to donate fleece or already done tie knot blankies I will have a thank  you column.

If intrested please email me at: snuggles4heart@yahoo.com

Thank you for checking out Snuggles 4 the Heart
                 Desiree Mackenzie