Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My baby brother is having a heart cath on the 13th of May, I'm already scared for him.
 I think it's weird how when I talk about Cameron and his special heart that all my friends look at me like i'm nuts.. they shake their heads and say aww a lot, ONLY because they have NO idea what I'm talking about.
 They don't understand how scary of a time it is for Cameron and for my parents..and even for me & my sister.
I TRYto explain to the best I can what his Doctor will be doing & what a heart cath is and why Cameron needs to have something in his opened up.  All my friends cock their heads to the side like "what is she talking about?" 
Somedays when they look at me like that I want to scream or cry, nobody gets it!
 Out of the whole Le Sueur Henderson school Me & My sister and one other family (who home school)  are the only ones who have a sibling like this, with a special heart.
I guess that makes my lil' monkey even more special!
Maybe someday I will be able to talk to my class about what it is like to have a brother who was born with a special heart! It would be nice to teach them about Cameron and his heart, then on the days that Cameron is in the hospital and I find myself hiding at school and crying they won't laugh at me or call me cry-baby Rannow. Maybe then they will give me a hug instead!

Soplease Keep my little brother in your prayers..next friday he will spend the whole day in the hospital, hopefully he will be home by Saturday night!


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